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Every company needs day traders to trade its stock for sustainable growth and value. But here’s the issue: As a result of the increasing number of public companies, small-cap companies can’t connect with investors today.
So, there’s an obvious gap between companies and investors. Hence, SteinbergValentino Group created OTC Markets investor relations firm to bridge this gap.

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What is OTC PR Group

Simply put, OTC PR Group is an IR firm. But it is also a financial public relations service company. So, its job is to connect public companies with the investment and brokerage community. And hence, discover these companies’ potential for success.

SteinbergValentino Group drives millions-of-dollars-a-day worth of retail investor liquidity to OTC Markets stocks. And we can help share that with your company. Our objectives are simple:
• Increase the liquidity
• Drive shareholder awareness
• Increase your share price
We are effective at driving these factors. And we actively manage dozens of relationships to do so. When we begin working with companies, the result is instant and visible.

SVG is by far the most reliable and effective OTC Markets investor relations firm. We act as a seamless medium between investors and companies. And we ensure communication between the two entities. Thus, create the best of best relations between them.
A solid understanding between shareholders and a company is vital to corporate success.


Many of the companies listed on the OTC Markets pay enormous sums for the listing. So, they can avail liquidity and execution services for securities. Yet, they don’t seem to turn profits or reap any benefits from this. E.g.,
• Their stock isn’t trading
• They can’t get enough liquidity
• Their stock isn’t at the price they want it to be

Hence, in a platform where businesses can do a lot, many fail to achieve anything positive. So, SVG OTC Markets investor relations firm takes on these companies and:
• Researches them and helps them define their corporate goals
• Comes up with the best specific solutions to meet their corporate goals
• Distributes information on behalf of client companies in a palatable and clear way
And in this way, SVG helps companies make the most of the listing they are paying for.

OTC Markets Investor Relations Firm

OTC Markets Investor Relations Firm


SVG has one of the largest publications on the internet. This publication is specifically for stock information distribution. Hence, we have worked with over 200 companies from various business sectors.
SVG drives liquidity, price appreciation, etc., by leveraging:
• Publications
• Social media
• PPC advertising
• Phone calls directly with large investors
And a plethora of other resources to ensure the best reach. We drive instant day trading/retail liquidity. And in doing so, we:
• Drive general awareness
• Help make your company attractive to institutional investors. Hence, allowing you to raise money for your company
• Improve share price


SVG OTC Markets investor relations firm seeks to connect companies with like-minded shareholders. Our secondary purpose is to ensure long-term engagement between the two entities. Engagement can suffer due to two main reasons:
• If a company fails to circulate timely information, investors may lose interest
• Or, if a company’s press releases contain jargon, investors may feel left out of the discussion
So, SVG employs various methods to ensure both parties are on the same page and understand each other. And that solves a whole host of problems a profitless company on the OTC Markets may experience.


SteinbergValentino Group can provide investor relations to any small-cap stock on OTC Markets. That is because our reach is specific to retail traders interested in trading these stocks. Below are some example industries we have extensive experience working in:
• Mining — a popular sector among investors. It creates a steady stream of industrial metals and other raw materials
• Bitcoin — acts as a unique alternative investment and a hedge against currency risks
• Psychedelics & Alternative Medicine — one of today’s rapidly booming industries due to increasing acceptance
• Cannabis — focuses on the development and distribution of medicinal and recreational marijuana products
• Technology — a vast sector that includes a range of hardware and software companies
• SPAC/Holding Companies — also known as blank-check corporations. These acquire and merge businesses and let investors profit through the equity interests
• Pharmaceuticals — a composition of companies that research, develop, and distribute drugs

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with SVG OTC Markets investor relations firm to transform your brand today! And be ready to secure the best returns on investments with our help immediately.

Ans. It works hard to update investors on company progress through virtual announcements on the website. It also has a customer service that is available 24/7. So, if you as an investor would like it, you can call to ask after the company’s progress.

Ans. One of the objectives of OTC is to uplift struggling companies. It believes that every new venture deserves a chance to achieve success. Every company has the potential for greatness if the CEO is passionate about their product/service. So, if you are a struggling but passionate CEO, check out OTC Firm at once!

Ans. Why not trust OTC Markets? In a world full of scams, OTC promises you safety and security. Its clientele has never had reason to complain. The Firm stays on top of all matters to ensure in-depth transparency. There will never come a time when you have to ask the professionals to be open. That is why OTC is a name of trust and bonding.

Ans. OTCM makes use of all available platforms for marketing purposes. The following are some of these marketing means:

  1. Digital Media (including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, etc.)
  2. Billboard ads
  3. Television ads
  4. Press conferences
  5. Google my business
  6. Email invites to launch events.
  7. Word of mouth campaigns.
  8. Flyers and posters around cities.
  9. Door-to-door campaigns
  10. Coupon codes

These are the media by which OTCM markets your company and brand name. It also makes use of many other platforms and methods.

Increase your chances of success if you want to make it big. Contact OTC Markets Firm and be on the road to success, today!